About us

Here at Menna's Joint there are no rules, only a very disorganized list of thoughts we live by.


This is our CODE 

  • You are NOT a man unless you have defeated "The Beast."

  • Laziness is a virtue that's why we bring the food to you.

  • We are the only legal joint in town. 

  • Dubs are the only cure for the munchies.

  • College kids will in fact rule the world one day.

  • Two out of three doctors agree that Dubs make you smarter.

  • Don't worry be happy.

  • You only live once.

  • Triple Bs are the new pancakes.

  • Priced perfectly for us broke college kids. 

  • If hippies created it we should continue to live it up.

  • You should eat the blazer once even if it kills you.

  • Bread is our NEMESIS.

  • We ARE the American burrito.

  • Conformity is lame, originality is golden!

  • We are the new fast food!



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