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Menna’s Joint is the “Home of the Dub,” the most original grilled wrap sandwich ever concocted.  Since our humble beginnings on the Michigan State campus in 2003, Menna’s Joint has been a brand steeped in youthful irreverence. Our ‘JOINTS’ are run by students and those young at heart – all of which have the same mission: servin’ up DUBlicious eats and having a blast while we do it.

The OBSCENELY DELICIOUS and WILDLY ADDICTIVE “DUB” has been described by some as a massive and freshly grilled American burrito, but nothing compares to a savory Menna’s Joint DUB, chock full of meat, vegetables, cheese, potatoes (sometimes) and sauce wrapped up in a thin, freshly grilled tortilla.

Rice and beans? Not in this Joint!

Cold bread and mostly lettuce? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Merely toasted? You must be kidding!

You’ll find only fresh ingredients and fast grillin’ at Menna’s Joint.

Whether you’re stopping in for a quick bite or craving fast delivery damn near all night, nothing satisfies the munchies like a Menna’s Joint DUB, Loaded Fries and Mama Menna’s Cookies, made fresh each day.

The first homage to the great DUB opened in 2003 on the outskirts of Michigan State University, in a modest 1,400 square-foot space set in a strip mall off Hagadorn Road.  A mere two years later, with the ever increasing popularity of the DUB, overwhelming demand necessitated that we open a second location on Albert Avenue in Downtown East Lansing, where the free-spirited and adventurous congregate day and night to celebrate life and experience good times.

Something as obscenely delicious and wildly addictive as a DUB did not go unnoticed by college students throughout the great State of Michigan.  Word of mouth spread.  A cult-like following ensued.

Heeding the call, Menna’s Joint opened its third location in 2007 on Stadium drive in Kalamazoo near Western Michigan University.  About a year later, we opened our fourth location on Mission St. in Mt. Pleasant, adjacent to Central Michigan University.  In April of 2011, Menna’s Joint opened its fifth location at 48 West in Allendale at Grand Valley State University.  And we recently opened the Menna’s Joint location in downtown Grand Rapids at 44 Ionia Ave. SW.

As we constantly explore bringing Menna’s Joint and the DUB to a town near you, our mission always remain the same - servin’ up DUBlicious eats and having a blast while we do it..



About Us

A chain of fun, classic food joints steeped in youthful irreverence that are run by students and the young at heart, presenting a groovy, cool new spin on fast casual food.


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